Saturday, March 31, 2012


I am not a trust fund baby and I paid for my college education.  Dad was a steal worker and Mom ran the household.  I am the only sibling in my family to go to college.  In other words, I did not have parents pay for my education, buy me a car or pay it forward to make a better life for their kids.  Simply, Dad and Mom just did not have the means to do this but I think my modest upbringing may have prepared me for survival in the Arts. Maybe it was a little crazy to study the Arts as surviving in the Arts is no easy task.  Thriving in the Arts is nearly impossible.  These two references are being made in relationship to the financial cost of living.  So, what does it mean to be successful in the Arts in relationship to where I live in the United States of America, Ohio?

I suppose everyone would have a different answer for this.  Some may say being published or landing that tenure teaching position means success.  Others may say being accepted into the Smithsonian show means success.  Recently , all I want is to develop a good relationship with a few gallery or boutique owners that will sell my work and send a timely check for the work they sell. 

For the first time after 30 some years, I had a gallery call and reorder work after only 8 days.
Could this mean that the wind has finally shifted and is at my back spurring me on to reaching the goal of thriving in the Arts.

For now, I have decided to focus on one clay object, the heart.  The clay hearts are light, easy to pack and ship and the turn around time from making to shipping is faster than other clay work I make.  Thus, it is a financially sound plan and will be relatively easy for me to keep up with any gallery order.  All I need is 5 galleries to work with that can move a dozen hearts a week.  To sit in the studio, work with the clay and experiment with the glazes on the surface of the hearts; This can fulfill my artistic curiosity until of course it evolves into something else as nothing ever remains the same.

Thanks to Iva at American Crafts and Jewels in Carmel for opening your gallery.  I do hope the momentum continues.

Concept to Creation,
Theresa Yondo

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