Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness

There were many wonderful happenings around town this month.  It had been difficult juggling and keeping up with all those things one does in a day.  The M.C. Escher Impossible Realities Show at the Akron Art Museum was top on my list.  The show dates are February 12th-May 29th 2011.  For more information:

I also was obsessing  about a jar I saw at the Cleveland Museum of Art and did go back to take an image of the jar.
Tea Caddy with Lid, about 1750-1800
England Staffordshire

The Bequest of Nicholas J. Velloney 2003.247-248
Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art allows patrons to take images of work on exhibit as long as no flash is used.  The Akron Art Museum restricts this practice.  It is always good to find out the rules so one can "learn to play".

The other amazing happening around town is the Cleveland International Film Festival.  My friend Nanci, who is a big supporter of the film festival generously gifted me with a few movie passes.  One movie which is well worth watching is titled The Woodmans.  The Woodmans is a documentary about the life of photographer Francesca Woodman, daughter of George and Betty Woodman.  The movie explores the haunting suicide of the talented photographer Francesca Woodman and the impact such an act  has on matters of the heart.  The movie also explores how the work of ceramic artist, Betty Woodman, changes after this tragedy.

Concept to Creation,
Theresa Yondo

Monday, March 21, 2011

Who Does She Think She Is?

Yesterday, on P.B.S., I watched the movie Who Does She Think She Is.  The movie focused on the plight of women in art today and through history.  At this point in my life, as a women in the arts, I found the movie informative rather than disturbing.  I suppose the movie helped to put many things in perspective. 
Check it out for yourself at
I can't let this topic go without writing this.  As a women teacher working in the arts, one of the oddest things that was said to me when going to the boss to resolve a problem was you should have been born a man.  And, I always loved this one; Oh by the way, I switched your schedule around next week.  I know this will not be a problem since you don't have kids. 
Three things I can always rely on when working in the arts;
You can be assured that you will always have part time work, get low pay and keep other people in higher paid jobs with benefits.
I do hope one day that people will understand and value the role of the artist in society. 

As today's blog is focused on women in the arts, there is another movie worth checking out about the art and life of Seraphine De Senlis.  Go to and you can watch a trailer of the movie.  This movie intensely explores the calling and passion that consumes the inner being of an artist to make art.

Concept to Creation,
Theresa Yondo