Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Saga Dawa Duchen Day 2013

To all my patient teachers.
Working in the studio today.
Making teapots and berry bowls.
Taking a break to make dinner.
Thank you for keeping the Dharma Alive.
Concept to Creation,
Theresa Yondo

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring activities!

The studio has been tugging on my mind lately.  As a creator of objects, I have been seeing a new direction to explore but need to cleanse the studio of clutter to continue.  I want to return to making more intricate objects like teapots and spice holder sets (salt and pepper sets).  So, I have been busy organizing and cleaning the studio along with all the other daily things that fill my life such as teaching and filling orders, visiting with Bruce and taking care of our property and traveling when I can.

I teach at a retirement community,  watercolors and ceramics.  The dear residents enjoy our weekly visits and activities.  The senior population have such amazing stories to tell.  I also teach privately out of my studio one evening a week to a group of amazing individuals who come and go throughout the year and love having access to the clay.    Then there is the steady filling of wholesale orders from American Crafts and Jewels.  I have waited 30 years for this gig.  And of course the few consignment shops I work with.  Thank you Val and Chris for your amazing dedication to Gestures and Liz at Ginko Gallery.  Ginko Gallery in Oberlin has been a steady consignment outlet for many artists work over the years.

With spring here, there are many additional activities to fit into a daily schedule.  Bruce and I have been starting seeds for our garden, getting the garden ready for planting, trimming trees, mowing the grass and keeping the ant population under control.

And, the traveling.  Last weekend I drove to Minnesota to finally attend the St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour.  That is one long drive from the Cleveland, Ohio area.   Seven host potters invited forty three potters for a total of fifty potters selling their wares.  What an amazing place to converse about clay and see pots, kilns, studios and life steeped in clay.  Thank you Minnesota potters for all your hard work.  You put on an amazing show.

Looking forward to filling up the kilns with new work.
Concept to Creation,
Theresa Yondo