Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Translucent, strong, dense and vibrant are a few words I use to describe porcelain.

Working with porcelain clay is yummy.  The clay slips through the fingertips on its way to becoming a form.  After firing the clay is so strong and dense and the glazes are so vibrant on the surface.  I still fire to a hot cone 10 because I love the sound of the clay body at this temperature.  I love how the high pitch ring vibrates and carries in the air.  I recently started throwing and building with Jack Troy Porcelain from Standard Ceramics.  The cone 10 porcelain I was using was warping at cone 10 so I switched to a cone 13 clay body which I am firing to cone 10. 

I am not sure why the old clay started warping so much.  Maybe I am handling the clay differently or my throwing has become much thinner.  Or, maybe the clay recipe was changed.    Regardless of the reason, I am getting use to a new clay body and wondering how it will change my work. 

Concept to Creation,

Theresa Yondo

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