Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bearing ones SOUL

Continually hoping for PEACE!

Occasionally, I really need to bear my soul and not just talk about clay!

This time of year is always difficult.  With daybreak at 7:00 or so and dusk at 5:00 or so this time of year, people start losing their grounding.  Especially if you work a 9 to 5 job.  So, it is not surprising that great reflection might happen upon ones past life experiences.  There are so many stories in each and every ones of us that are fortunate enough to be birthed upon this earth.  That said I am in this life for the long haul.  You should be too.   Life is so precious that you need to get over whatever it is that is haunting you.  One story I seem to be sharing lately is a survival story which goes like this.  My dear brother in law Dan, who was a Marine in the Vietnam War, shared many horror stories with me that he experienced in the war.  He was in the Battle of Khe Sanh.  That said I choose to tell this story.  While fighting an unclear war for whatever reason, the thing that kept my Dear Brother in Law going was his experience with following the Buddhist Monks into the Jungle.  He would transform his consciousness to wonder and look and listen to the prayers, mantras and pujas offered to the directions of the worlds in hopes of better times.  One monk offered an amulet of protection and yes my Dear Brother in Law came home.  Not in tact as he suffered from severe PTSD.   His life energy so strong, that he recovered mostly from his own decisive ability to go forward. 
My prayers for anyone this time of year is for healing, health and good fortune in your days ahead. 

Offering much love and protection.
Concept to Creation,

Theresa Yondo

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