Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Cups and Mugs

Yesterday, I was hoping to drive to Kent, Ohio to deliver cups and mugs to the 11th Annual National Cup Show.  As the heavy snow kept accumulating on the ground and the wind whipped up frenzied snowflakes and turned them into four foot drifts of snow, my hopes for driving to Kent vanished.
The school closed down along with most of the Northern Ohio Cleveland area.  Later that day, it was as though the snow storm was just a dream as evening activities continued.

Today, I will again attempt to drive to Kent. 
The roads look clear outside and the temperature is 22 F.
So, I will bundle up and off to Kent I go.

Above and below are more images of mugs and cups which will be at the show.  Please see previous post dated February 25th for more information.
Concept to Creation,
Theresa Yondo


maryOAart said...

The cups are beautiful. Good luck in Kent.

maryOAart said...

Hi Theresa, the cups are beautiful. I do hope you made it to Kent. Good Luck! Mary

Theresa Yondo said...

Hi Mary June,
Thanks! I did make the drive to Kent yesterday without any problems. I will be back to Kent for the opening on Friday.