Monday, February 1, 2010


January passed by way to fast. Usually, I do not get much work started let alone completed in the studio but this January was different. I have entered a self induced sabbatical. I have never had the opportunity to teach full time at any art center or university so I have never received the gift of a sabbatical which every teacher needs. Most people who have never taught have no idea how much time a "good" teacher spends on preparing assignments to stimulate and nurture a students mind. In addition to teaching the proposed subject, teachers are therapists, mediators, coaches and a slue of other things all wrapped up in the title of teacher. Although my sabbatical will be full of work that I have wanted to explore in my studio, I still will be getting a rest from the often unrealistic demands of world.

So, I have decided to practice confidence this year. Every one has there own New Years resolutions they try to set into motion. My resolutions have often had a psychological bent. Confidence that the bills will get paid while I take my sabbatical.

My hopes will be to push my clay work in a new direction, explore ash glazes and rearrange the rhythm of my life.

Theresa Yondo
Concept to Creation

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