Friday, February 26, 2010

Glaze Tests

Looking North East ouside studio window.

Last night I started making a bunch of glaze tests.  These containers which you can see lined up on the board are holding the beginnings of what may be new glazes for me to work with.  The studio is kept warm using a wood stove and I figured I might as well use the ashes from the wood stove and explore wood ash glazes.  So far I have tested a couple of wood ash glazes and the results are very nice especially over another glaze.  It is amazing how much wood needs to burn to get enough ash to make a glaze.  It is even more amazing the beautiful surface that ash creates on the surface of clay.  The process of exploring new glazes is very exciting and time consuming.  I started going through all my notes from various workshops and graduate school and reorganizing them.  I started separating some by color and some by theme such as wood ash. 
Theresa Yondo
Concept to Creation


merci33 said...

when I first peeked in I thought that you were starting seeds for your garden...I guess in a way you are :-) you'll soon be growing some new glazes...and all the work of cultivating their process will give birth to new beauty.

I really love the heart posts...the photo of all the hearts clustered together would make sucha stunning poster.

Theresa Yondo said...

Can hardly wait to get new work completed with the new glazes.
What a good idea. I was thinking of a postcard but a poster would be fun to explore.