Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day one of Blogging

bodhi tree
the buddha project
cleveland state university art gallery
cleveland, ohio 2004

the bodhi tree, detail

Jeanne finally convinced me to begin blogging in order to document art and ideas. So, here we are setting up the template to begin.
Thanks Jeanne for your knowledge and of course for the tea.

It seemed appropriate to choose these images for the opening of this blog page as Jeanne invited me to participate in a show titled the Buddha Project at Cleveland State University. The hand built installation was created in 2004 using porcelain clay fired in an electric kiln to cone 10. The patterns were created using a wax resist technique on the glazes.

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jeanne said...

hi theresa,

i love your first post!!
... and look forward to seeing how your blog develops.

thank you for your presence