Monday, September 15, 2014

Catching up with life and events / September 2014

Life has been a bit more unpredictable lately; more than usual and Mercury isn't even in retrograde.  Death, work and finding the name for what has been causing many of my physical ailments for the past 35 years has been revealed.

The unexpected death of dear Albert made family and friends very sad.  We will miss you Albert.
I guess I am unable to say much more about this right now.

Work has been very busy in the studio with private classes starting and two new gallery/boutiques have been added to the list.  I now have five wheels in the studio, three large hand building tables and new lighting.  And, you can now find my HEARTS at BUY HAND in Laguna Beach California,, and JUST BECAUSE in Sarasota, Florida.  Thank you so much Kavita Reddy at Buy Hand and Marie Cohen, Barbara Pugliese, and Susan at Just Because.  I look forward to building a great working relationship with you and thank you for giving my  HEARTS a chance to sell in the space you have created.  My hands are very busy making hearts to prepare for reordering.  I hope to make another contact in the Midwest.  Anyone out there in say, Denver?  Do you have a gallery/boutique in a tourist area?  Would you like to carry my small porcelain clay hearts?

Below is the contact information for the two gallery/boutiques now carrying my hearts.
Inline image 1


Just Because
7 South Blvd of the Presidents
Sarasota Fl 34236

I am in the process today of unloading a kiln.  The work in the kiln is a union between some of the functional work and some of the hearts.  I have combined hand built functional work and trimmed the work with the patterning you find on my hearts.  Some of this work is headed to the Clay Invitational at The Gallery at Lakeland. (images to follow soon)

Neil Patterson's image is seen above on the show information.  I will post some images of the work I will be sending to the show later.

Lastly, I recently have been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease.  It is this inner ear water retention thing that creates crazy symptoms that I  have lived with for some 35 years.  It is much underdiagnosed because you must be in late stages of the Disease to be able to chart, through a hearing test, the Disease.  So, I am not a crazy drunk with peculiar personality traits.  I just have Meniere's Disease.  The good thing is now that I know what I have I am learning how to manage the symptoms.  I now am eating less than 1000 mg. of salt a day and minimal caffeine and alcohol.  I still sneak a piece of chocolate now and then and a sip of wine or beer.  My low end hearing in my right ear is slowly returning and my dizziness and vertigo seem to be fading away.. ... ....
I started seeing a vestibular physical therapist.  Thank you so much for all your help Dr. Abelson, Dr. Gensur and Janet Kucinic.

For now, au revoir,
Concept to Creation
Theresa Yondo

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