Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WOULDN''T IT BE NICE - an artist dreaming - 1

A thought about patrons for the artist!
Artists can be an interesting lot!  They can often not be as concerned about money as others working as adjunct faculty for less pay and much fewer benefits than full time teaching faculty just to stay in their studio full time.  They can also rally for a cause that they are passionate about often paying lots of money for a booth fee at an art show in hopes of selling there art work to support themselves and the cause of the show.  Wouldn't it be nice if a few shows returned to supporting the artist?  Not the arts or the paycheck for someone else, but the artist themselves.  In another life I may have thought this to be a selfish idea.  But, as the many years have passed I think it a good idea for artists to examine what they are doing.
Concept to Creation,
Theresa Yondo

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