Thursday, July 7, 2011

Support the Arts!

10 inches tall x 6.5 round,
Cone 10 electric fired, wheel thrown,
glaze overlap using wax resist technique.

 Another try with taking images of the new work!

I teach classes out of my studio and the photo set up was still out when the students arrived on Tuesday.  Thank goodness is was because I was able to get a fresh eye from one of the students.  Gayle suggested I use the dark cloth that I had rather than buying yet another darker photo paper roll.  The cloth worked for the backdrop. 

This image of the new work is very close to the actual glaze color on the surface of the vase.  There are so many levels of trial and error when working with clay.  I hope that anyone taking the time to read this blog can get a better idea of what is involved with this profession.  So, the next time you think that the price of a clay object is to expensive, think again.  The time that is involved in getting a lump of clay to a finished and refined work of art or fine craft (whichever you prefer) is longer than you think.  Knowing about and understanding this creative process is a great asset to an individual and to a society. 

The creative process strengthens the ability to see how actions could possibly unfold.  The ability to think this way for the greater good is crucial for a society to flourish and prosper long term.

Please continue to support the arts in whatever way you can.

Concept to Creation,
Theresa Yondo


Misa said...

You're blogging! Hooray! I'm a fan of yours from Chautauqua. Great to see you online!
Etsy has some great photo tutorials. Searching around on there should yield some results for you.

Theresa Yondo said...

Hi Misa,
Yes, I am blogging and slowly catching up with technology.
It is good to hear from you. I do miss the Chautauqua show. One of these days I hope to return. Hopefully I will open up an Etsy site some time soon!