Thursday, November 4, 2010

Music and Art

This is too good not to share. 
Anyone who loved the music of Buena Vista Social Club needs to check out AfroCubism.  The original idea behind the Buena Vista Social Club was actually supposed to happen in Cuba and have an Afro Cuban flare but due to passport problems the project changed. 
This is the perfect example of not fighting obstacles and just keep on trying to get there, wherever there may be, as The Buena Vista Social Club was birthed and the Afro Cuban project was put on hold.  What a wonderful thing for all of us who just loved the Buena Vista Social Club music. So, after all these years the Afro Cuban project has happened.
For more information, check this out;
Now for the other art side of things, check out the new V & A building that is to be built in Dundee.
What a vision.

Concept to Creation
Theresa Yondo

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