Monday, October 11, 2010

Contrast and Color

On Saturday, I unloaded a kiln and have been critiquing the results. Adding color in addition to the traditional use of contrast with dot and stripe patterns on form is the current assignment.
Below are some of the results.

The two images above are hand built and show the added red glaze color with the wax resist dots and/or stripes.

The image to the left is wheel thrown and shows contrast without the red color.  The pattern on the vase was created using an age old traditional technique of wax resist.  I have been working with wax resist to create contrast on clay surface for many years.  First, a white glaze is applied.  Second, wax is painted on areas of the glaze which will remain white.  Third, a black glaze is applied which overlaps the white glaze. 

Painting black stripes on the surface has never created the strong black line that I get from wax resist.  This wax resist method works for me!

Concept to Creation, Theresa Yondo

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