Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Business Side of Things

Making a card to use for a gift insert has been on my list of things to do.  So, I spent some time today working on text and cropping images to use on a gift card.   The card reads something like this. 

Theresa began her first college ceramic class in 1979 and knew then that working with clay would be part of her life. Using clay to explore art and hand made objects began a life long journey. Balancing craft in art in the machine and computer age in order to personalize the object has been and still is quite the journey.
Theresa currently teaches ceramic classes and sells her work locally and regionally.

I was trying not to write a dissertation on knowing the maker of the things we use in our homes but hoping the reader would understand the gist of the few sentences. 
Any thoughts? 
Theresa Yondo
Concept to Creation

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