Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Positive and Negative Space

We all see line differently. Kind of like looking at the clouds with a friend and pointing out what you see in the shape of the cloud. Line is like that too. Especially when people have such things as dyslexia. I avoid doctors mostly because I don't like labels. I never have been diagnosed as having dyslexia, but some days my brain just fires backwards. You know like when I turn left when driving when I should turn right. I think that is why I gravitated toward working with wax resist on the surface of clay. When applying the wax, you are working with line in reverse. You are imagining what the glaze will look like around the line. Definitely a different approach to the surface of an object.
Concept to Creation
Theresa Yondo


jeanne said...

i love reading your words, theresa... your blog is such a treasure.

the ephemeral mist between the line and glaze is perhaps what i love best about this work...

may the day bring you delights!

merci33 said...

Oh Girl
Thank you for popping over to my blog!!! (I'm in the midst of a memoir writing journey)...it is soooooo excellent to catch a glimpse of your stunning work...I'm going to add a link to your blog on my blog homepage... if you don't mind ...OK?